Lose Yourself in Nature

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” —John Muir

Spark your spirit and soothe your soul in this unique outdoor experience of self-discovery, creative exploration, connection and self-care for women!

Science proves that spending time in nature makes people healthier and happier. Yet, we are all so busy in life that we are chronically stressed, overwhelmed and suffer from health issues. The simple fact is, we have become an indoor species and are disconnected with the one thing that we innately need—time outside in the natural world.

In this workshop, you will learn how to connect with nature, with yourself and with others as we take a walk outdoors. You will be guided to slow down, engage your senses, develop awareness and learn to observe the nuances in your surroundings. Because it’s in the observation that we can get lost in our minds, let go of stress and become fully present and alive.

The simplest tool for learning how to observe is using the camera in your phone. You’ll be guided to capture nature’s details and beauty and learn how to really “see.” When you get focused on creating pictures, your worries melt away and you feel inspired and content. It’s really not about taking perfect pictures—it’s about the process— having an outdoor experience in nature and feeling its benefits. And of course, having fun!

This will be precious time just for you. You’ll leave with new ideas and tools to help you manage stress, improve your health, be happier, make friends and practice a little self-care. After all, nature is the ultimate healer.

Dates: Stay tuned for dates in 2020

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