I am a photographer with a passion for capturing images of nature's details and designs that evoke soul-stirring feelings of calm, curiosity and inspiration. My photographs offer a unique view of nature by focusing on the intimate details that can only be seen by slowing down.

Being in nature is a spiritual experience for me. I can unwind, relax, be present in the moment and be at peace. My images strive to convey deep feelings and emotions that take you to a peaceful place and spark a desire to get outdoors and reconnect with nature.

For being in nature—or even visually experiencing it through art—engages our senses, inspires awe and wonder, and helps heal us.

My love for nature and photography started at an early age. Growing up in Los Angeles, I spent my childhood days climbing trees, hiking and camping which developed my powerful connection to nature. Taking up photography as a teen, I went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism. During the days of film cameras, I worked for newspapers, magazines, ad agencies and marketing companies.

Eventually I left the stressful corporate world to pursue my interest in holistic medicine and became an acupuncturist. This is where my love of nature, photography and healing intersect and blend perfectly.

As a 7th generation Californian, I have lived and worked in the Eastern Sierra for the last 19 years. I spend my free time outdoors hiking, exploring and photographing the beauty that surrounds me. Since I have a soulful connection to trees and forests, I have been affectionately nicknamed “The Pinecone Whisperer. ”

My mission is to inspire and educate others to go outdoors, connect with nature by taking photographs and discover the many healing benefits nature provides. Through photography, I hope to spark your spirit and soothe your soul.

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